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JESUS… Perfect Love Casts out Fear

There is just something about the name of Jesus. Hearing it elicits a myriad of reactions- joy, awe, peace, curiosity, fear, anger, indifference, guilt, awkwardness. Is that the reason people seem to have a hard time talking about Him? There lies the problem. If the difficulty we have in talking about Jesus stems from concern about what people will think, it reveals we are more concerned with the opinion of men than the opinion of God. Unbelief and fear are at the root of the matter. Unbelief means that we aren’t taking God at His word about His promises for those who are faithful and the consequences for those who are not. Seriously, if we believed, with every fiber of our being, that our brother, mother, friend, neighbor, co-worker will go to a hell that really exists, what is stopping us from warning them about their fate? Isn’t that funny how we are wired…I just started off with the negative instead of the positive. Shouldn’t it be just as motivating to want someone I love (or more difficult but just as important, someone I don’t love) to spend forever with Jesus in heaven? I confess right here and now that I am guilty of thinking my loving God surely wouldn’t follow up with the consequences He has told us about in the Bible. But where does that leave me? If I don’t believe the consequences are true, why should I cling so confidently to the promise of eternal life. That means unbelief is not an option or an excuse not to tell people about Jesus. 

So on to our fear of talking about Jesus. There are a lot of angles wrapped up in this fear. We are afraid of rejection from the person we are talking to, afraid of not knowing how to exactly explain our relationship with Jesus or why people need Him as their Savior, afraid of being a hypocrite because our life doesn’t look like someone who is a Christian, and afraid of seeming judgmental if someone doesn’t believe in Jesus. All of these fears are overcome by an authentic, growing relationship with Jesus. Jesus will give you enough love for anyone to handle the rejection and go on loving them. What a surprise that will be to your friends and family as most who have been rejected do not return to keep on loving them. Knowing Jesus better will give you the words to explain the relationship because you have a real relationship to explain-you will have your own stories of why you can’t live without your Savior and what He does for you every day right now. When you are following Jesus the way He teaches in the Bible, you won’t have to fear that your Christian life isn’t authentic because it will be. Finally, Christianity welcomes ALL who believe so there is no judgment when you are sharing your belief from a place of love and concern. 
So what now…. Pray and ask God for help with your unbelief and fear. Jesus is sitting at the right hand of God, already intervening for your every need before you can put them into words. How amazing is that! When you pray, claim God’s promise to answer….. and believe.

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